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August 3, 2010, 12:54 pm
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Hey everyone! We got another awesome review of our DVD in this online publication, check it out here

Also, we are preparing for a rad contest where you are going to be able to win tons of Le Tigre swag. Keep checking back for deets, we’re so excited!!

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July 1, 2010, 5:49 pm
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Le Tigre: On Tour and In Charge

Movies post by Shaamini Yogaretnam, May 31, 2010 – 7:20pm; tagged bikini kill, documentary, film, Film Festival, JD Samson, Johanna Fateman, Kathleen Hanna, Kerthy Fix, Le Tigre, QDoc, queer, riot grrrl.

It’s fucking hard to be feminist. (If you just made a dick joke to yourself then get the heck outta here!) No one said negotiating power was easy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t rock out while challenging the status-quo, being politically active and refusing to compromise your principles. Enter Le Tigre, and for fun’s sake, let’s put ‘em on tour!

Le Tigre: On Tour, directed by Kerthy Fix, is a documentary that follows the band on their final tour in 2004. After having released This Island, the film chronicles the band’s tour of the same name and attempts to offer a glimpse into what it means to be feminist, to be artistic, to be queer, to be subject to the media monster that once commodified a movement as prolific and DIY-based as Riot Grrrl (and be willing to grapple the beast once more), and to do it all with awesome comedic vignettes.

Kathleen Hanna’s (formerly of Bikini Kill) message to ‘ignore the haters’ is an apt description of the film’s main theme. Hanna, along with band-members Johanna Fateman and JD Samson, aims to counter the mandate that women have to be nice all the time and does a fine job of it throughout the narrative of the film. The documentary references their battles waged in the name of gender display, remaining both feminist AND lesbian in their politics even when media coverage is on the line, and those that centre on an all too familiar theme in feminist work – a sharpened outsider focus on women’s relationships and connections to the ‘larger than life’ works of men (in Le Tigre’s case, it’s Hanna’s cleverly writing ‘Kurt smells like teen spirit’ on Cobain’s wall one evening causing the anthemic song to be written, but we needn’t look far to see this trend continue on in popular culture. The buzz surrounding Kathryn Bigelow, even from a feminist lens, more often than not, whispers the name of James Cameron too).

So whaddaya get when you sit down to watch Le Tigre: On Tour? Tour footage that spurs on intense toe-tapping followed by full-on dance raging? Check. Inclusive feminist lyrics and stories about negotiating female masculinity all delivered in a jazz-ercise meets West Side Story-inspired costume? Check. A pill by pill account of Fateman’s daily vitamins? Check. Beyond these entertaining elements, the film offers a real critique of Riot Grrrl culture and the way it was co-opted by mainstream media. Hanna speaks of horizontal Riot Grrrl oppression and the ways that the movement, and the feminist space it created, morphed, leaving her somewhat angry yet as politically vital as ever. What more could you really want in a documentary?

Portlanders! Le Tigre: On Tour is screening at this year’s QDoc: Portland Queer Documentary Film Festival – the only queer documentary film festival in the United States! Catch the screening Saturday, June 5th at 8:30 PM at Clinton Street Theater. BitchMedia is proud to be a community partner for the event.

Go to the site and look!

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June 27, 2010, 2:12 pm
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Check out the DVD feature in Spinner!
Le Tigre Make Feminism Funny in New Tour Documentary
Posted on Jun 25th 2010 3:30PM by Hannah SungComments (1)

Le Tigre are known for many things — particularly their politics and their DIY dance-punk aesthetic — but not for what may well be their secret weapon: a wicked sense of humour. If a feminist ever faces sexism or homophobia and thinks, ‘What Would Le Tigre Do?’ the answer revealed in their new tour documentary is simply laugh in its face.

‘Le Tigre: On Tour’ is an intimate film that’s making the festival rounds as a work-in-progress, showing off the wise-cracking charisma of Le Tigre from beginning to end. What’s most evident is that the band takes everything very seriously — except themselves.

Revealing herself as a ham in this doc, singer Kathleen Hanna laughs about moments that continually crack her up. “There’s a moment in the credits where JD does this thing where she shakes her hips and makes this goofy face at me. And she did it every night,” Hanna tells Spinner. “You would never notice it but if you go back and look at it, it’s one of those goofy things a friend does that they don’t typically do in front of people.”

Having recently having screened during Marc Jacobs’ new LGBT film festival in New York City, Newfest, ‘Le Tigre: On Tour’ began with a simple but strong desire to archive their shows for posterity, but snowballed to include backstage moments, bleary-eyed hangovers and an encounter with Slipknot. Much of it is a delightfully wry and well-paced collage of the easy humour of inspired friends on the road.

Allowing a camera to peek behind the curtain requires a great deal of trust. Their lighting director, friend Carmine Covelli, popped a camera on a tripod before each show, leaving it to roll in a single, static wide angle. Frustrated by an inability to do anything more with the camera while he was working the lights, he began shooting off-stage as well.

“He just started filming a couple interviews here and there and filming a little bit on the bus,” Hanna says. “Typically I would not allow that but because he’s such a good friend, we just kind of ignored it. And we had bought the camera and we bought the tape so I knew we had control over it so I wasn’t stressed out about it,” she says. “But the main purpose wasn’t about getting backstage footage or anything like that. It was just to get the show shot so that if we didn’t want to do music together anymore there would be a record of our show as we existed.”

The doc’s drama comes by the very fact that this may well be the last of their shows as Le Tigre. During one interview, Hanna muses aloud on her fear of the decline of feminist art. ‘Le Tigre: On Tour’ began as a reaction to that fear and spurred Hanna to donate an archive of riot grrrl zines and memorabilia to NYU, which took a year to sort through and organize.

“It got me into the archive craze,” Hanna admits. “We started the Bikini Kill archives blog,” she says of her former riot grrrl band, which defined her 20s.

Le Tigre have been dormant for several years, aside from a recent flurry of attention over them writing songs for Christina Aguilera’s new album, ‘Bionic.’ While Hanna was working on her archive project, Johanna Fateman had a baby and opened Seagull, a hair salon in the New York’s West Village. JD Samson, lesbian pin-up and band merrymaker, has been hard at work on her new band MEN, touring Brazil as the Le Tigre doc screened in New York.

When Hanna mentions at the New York screening Q&A that she now likes to garden, the theatre audience giggles. But that’s not the only extra-musical pursuit she’s been putting more of her time into

“I’ve been doing a lot of blogging — starting a blog for the movie and my own personal blog, sort of figuring out what I want my next thing to be,” she says. “I’ve been playing music with my friends without it being too serious and spending time with friends and family. For almost 20 years, I really didn’t have much of a personal life and I’m 41 now and I need one,” she laughs.

As much a film for their diehard fans as it is for the as-yet-uninitiated, ‘Le Tigre: On Tour’ fills a niche for music fans who appreciate anger as a force for positive change. The film follows the band combating homophobia and sexism in small, awkward encounters off-stage every day and as a blow-out party onstage every night.

“My highest hope is that in 20 years, when we’re all forgotten, a woman who’s in a band who’s never heard of us will see the video or DVD or whatever weird format it’s in at that point and just be like, ‘Oh my God, this is so cool and weird,'” Hanna says. “Like when somebody gave me a Slits record and it just totally blew my mind.”

‘Le Tigre: On Tour’ is playing at Frameline San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival on June 26, and at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on July 15.

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Feminist Review’s Marcie Bianco gives the film some props…


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